Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Barn, Booze & Bathing Suits

For our last day of our Bucket List, we travelled to the Met to see the psycho barn art installation located on the roof. The first day we went it was way too hot outside and the Met had closed the roof down in fear that someone could have a heat stroke. To get into the Met, there is a suggested donation of $17 a person. Due to this, I had to break the news to the woman at the counter that I was not Daddy Funbucks, so I could only donate $5 at this point in my life.

The barn was absolutely stunning in the skyline of the city behind it. We took advantage of the beautiful view and had a photoshoot while walking around the roof.

Natalie and I then a took a Via to the brunch place, which was by far the most entertaining part of the day because our driver had tons of stories to tell us about all the people she has driven. We also were sharing the vehicle with two guys, that Natalie and I had determined were most likely a grindr hook up that decided to share a ride after they met up because they were headed the same way. After the men exited the car, we got into an interesting political conversation with our driver. Our driver truly loved the gays mostly because they gave her a lot of entertainment when she picked up at 2 a.m. from the bars! Basically, our conversation ended with Nat and I saying, "We're with her," in unison as we rolled out the car. Immediately after getting dropped off, I wrote a review on the app saying, "I'm with her!" meaning our driver.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Two Hot Dawgs

My role model

I never liked roller coasters. My fear was especially heightened when I watched Final Destination 3, which showed a roller coaster going off the track in the first scene. I know the chances of that are so slim, but I feel like it would happen to me. We went on the Thunder Bolt & Wonder Wheel, both of which tested my ability to hold down my lunch. I expected this from the Thunder Bolt, but the Wonder Wheel really caught me off guard. There are two different types of carts you can choose from, one that remains stationary and one that slides. Natalie suggested we get in the non-stationary one, but the moment we started to go up, we realized this was going to be worse than we thought.

As we were trying to snap pictures of each other with the beach in the background, we were jolted against the cold metal cage that surrounded us. Before we could compose ourselves again for another photo, we were again met with whip lash from the Wheel of hell, but this time we were thrown backwards. This is not your average Ferris Wheel despite its cute demeanour.

On this day, my hyperhydrosis was in full affect, especially since the humidity was out of hand. I decided to cool off in these fake palm tree sprinklers. It wasn't until I ran past the lady wearing a medical mask, that I was concerned that my health would be compromised by this, but I couldn't resist letting loose like a kid again.

Natalie is addicted to taking photos and you must always be camera ready around her. She is always just like pose Stephen, which gives me major anxiety. Luckily for me, "I don't get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous," just like my fellow queen, Alyssa Edwards.

Photo booths are essential to capture moments with friends. Natalie and I squeezed into a Photo booth and when we got out, we were surprised to get a little extra present with our photos. While this provided us with a good laugh, I became pissed since they had fun & silly borders that we missed out on.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Food Glorious Food

I think one of my top passions in life is eating. I mean don't you ever just want to lay in bed and cozy up next to a nice bad girl sub from Ram's Deli Plus (a Fordham 2:00 a.m. drunken hot spot) while listening to Shania Twain on repeat? This is a common occurrence in my life and I highly recommend trying it.

When we first arrived to the Smorgasburg, we were greeted by our friend in the photo above. I have eaten some questionable meats in my life, but I was not ready to try his barbecue. After this entrance, I was skeptical about what the day had in store for us, but still excited to have a treat yo' self day with my bestie.

The Brooklyn Smorgasburg is truly heaven for those looking to indulge some delicious food. Natalie was trying to be a healthy girl this day and it made me feel uncomfortable because I was looking to stuff my face.

She ate a salad wrap, which literally felt like betrayal. Who goes to a food market and says let me get a salad wrap? I can't help but think that Natalie may be the only person who says,"oooh I am craving a nice wrap made up nothing but some sad soggy leaves with a touch of sadness." This trip turned into a real life episode of Veggie Tales (Natalie was of course the talking cucumber).

While Natalie went for the healthy option, I decided to buy truffle fries with an avocado dipping sauce. My reaction to eating the fries was basically just reoccurring "mhmmmmm" sounds after each bite, followed by Natalie rubbing my tummy while we laid in the shade. It was truly pure bliss.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bring dem bois to da yard

Viewer Discretion Advised
A couple of weeks ago, Natalie and I plus Sweet Baby Chin Fong went on a journey to a land far away... Soho. We were on a quest to get the best milkshakes in the land. Black Tap specialises in creating works of art out of ice cream for anyone that has $15 to spend on ice cream (basically my whole savings account).

We waited on line for about an hour and half before we were seated. Once inside, it became clear that  this place was a literal scam. There were so many open tables and the fact that I had to wait outside in the hot sun pissed me off. It's as if they have no concern for customers with a sweating condition!


I was expecting there to be a variety of options of milkshake creations (since I stalked their insta in the days leading up to our visit), however there were only four. FOUR OPTIONS. I travelled to Soho, waited on line for over an hour and like a cherry to top it all off, I was promised a variety of heavenly sweet treats to only be given less options than I can count on a hand. Goodbye sir, just goodbye.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Pretty in Pink

Last week, Natalie and I packed a picnic basket, put on pink outfits, and hopped on the ferry to Governor's Island. The pinknic is a giant picnic and music festival that celebrates rosé. The day consisted of drinking, boy-watching, tanning and instagramming, which just so happens to be a combination of a few of my favorite things.

Hour 1: Natalie is drunk
Within minutes of arriving at the event, Natalie was two glasses deep and feeling it. I think it was a combination of the rosé and sun, but regardless, this was the first time I have seen her like this since the time she made out with a cardboard cut-out of Nicholas Cage at a senior night.


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Natalie and Stephen's Summer Bucket List


I met Natalie Salerno for the first time, when I applied to be a part of the Campus Activities Executive Board at the end of my freshman year. Thank God she picked me to be a part of her board because since then a friendship has formed. Natalie and I could not be more opposite, I mean she is level headed, witty, fashionable and above all  rocks a red lip like nobody else I know (then again my lips looked great when I was Ariel for halloween, so I win that one). She has been a constant supporter of me over the years and has truly been one of my greatest role models.

It is because of Natalie that I have now mastered the art of fake laughter for photos, perused a cookbook thrift store in the village and ultimately grown as an individual. Whether she is feeding me with her latest baked good or throwing her famous tagline, "take a lap" at me, I am always having the time of my life when I am with her.

I was inspired to start this blog because of Natalie's wildly successful blog Whale & Wishbone and it's because of her guidance that I have even made it this far. Since I was away for the past five months, we had a lot of time to discuss our plans for the summer and we are looking forward to making some great memories together. Like Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson minus the old and dying part, Natalie and I are embarking on our own bucket list of adventures. Here's the plan:

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Abs not required

In Swaziland, after a long day of white water rafting, our guides brought us into the cliffs to go abseiling. I was still in shock that I made it through the rapids without falling into the river, which gave me a false sense confidence going into this next adrenalin filled activity. I watched a few people go first, which led to an increased internal amount of fear as well as an external leg shake.

I am a pessimist. I always have been and if I am being honest, I most likely always will be. The moment that I stepped up on the rock and was harnessed in, I thought of all the possible things that could go wrong. The first possibility was that I could lose my footing and slam my face into the rock, ultimately chipping all of my teeth. After suffering through five years of braces, I can't help but panic when it comes to my teeth. Another possibility was that when I sat back into the harness it would snap and I would fall into the raging river beneath. I was basically as skilled as Michael Phelps when I swam butterfly for the Floral Park Pirate's swim team back in the day, but it has been so long that I honestly don't think I would be able to fight the current.

Despite the physical ailments I could endure, I feel that the worst part if something were to happen would be that I decided to dress up as a life size blueberry for the day. I could just imagine the news headline, "Sully from Monster's Inc. doppelgänger gets Squished in Abseiling Accident. "

Here is a recollection of the thoughts racing around my mind throughout the descent down the cliff:

*looks down at right hand holding rope* "Wow, ok. I have to hold all my weight in my right hand. I have never trusted myself less than in this moment. 


"This guy better stop giving me a thumbs up. Do you honestly think that I feel better because of it? I got a finger for you too and if I didn't have to hold this rope you would understand how I feel."


"I can only imagine what I look like to everyone on top of the cliff right now. I feel like I am serving legs for days with a face of slight constipation. "


"Someone better grab my blueberry cake before my arms give out."


Luckily, I made it to the bottom of the cliff where I was then required to side step my way to safety. The final ledge was about half a foot and the guides referred to the part of the cliff as the Jesus Wall. At this point, there was no cord hooking me to 'Jesus', only the sweaty grip of my hands. I have never had as much faith in my life as I did in that moment.